Wheel inventory 2

So here we are again, part two of the wheel inventory. We have had some great responses about this and we will try our best to keep you guys informed about all these wonderful products. Unfortunately we can only do the best we can with what we have. For all the other aftermarket wheels such as scale production etc ( which we may not own) we do require you guys to help us out and share any info with us. The more we have the better we can help you.

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Aoshima Kai series Equips


Aoshima Kai series Sharkstars


Aoshima Kai series SSR mesh


Aoshima Kai series SSR MKII


Aosjima Daytona steelie


Aoshima SSR Professor MS3 with kiwami tyre

_DSC0434 _DSC0436

Aoshima SSR Professor SP7 with Kiwami tyre


Aoshima Work meister s1 3 piece with new stretch tyre


Aoshima SSR Executor GV01


Aoshima SSR Professor SP3


Aoshima Work CR with new stretch tyre


Aoshima Rays 57xtreme with new stretch tyre


Aoshima Rays Te37 RT with new stretch tyre


Aoshima Vip series Work Meister S1R


Aoshima VIp series VIP Modular VXS110


Aoshima SSR Professor VF1


Aoshima Amistad V


Aoshima BBS LM


C1’s mighty Razzor

Its been a while since we did a review and I’m really glad that its back with this amazing kit. This also marks a small important event in the 12Twentyfour calender as its the first C1 models transkit and product we are reviewing. So lets get cracking as this is going to be a good one.

Just before we begin a bit of background into C1 models. For some it may be an unfamiliar name in the model world as they are fairly new however the history behind the brand goes a very long way back. For those who don’t know C1 models mad scientist, Chris Hales, was actually the man behind Scale Auto Style many moons ago. Those crazy aftermarket kits were all once his creations. Its really great to know that he is back in action and fired up more than ever. For those who want to check out more of his products do check out: http://www.c1-models.com/. They have some truly great products and came into light with the crazy RWB 993 transkit. Since then they have done some more insane products such as the N Largo F12 , Koenig 308, Rwb 930 and this the Razzor r8 gtr.

So where does this Razzor r8 come from? Remember Jon Olsson famous Rebillion? Well that’s the same guy who came up with this crazy concept. It takes the R8 into a whole new dimension and personally I think its the best R8 out there. So more onto the actual transkit. Well what can I say? it’s just as special as the real car. Expensive, rare, unique and truly amazing. It defiantly does not come cheap but the price ( £85   http://www.c1-models.com/resin/audi-r8-ppi-razor-gtr) can be justified by its exclusivity and what you get for your bucks.

First up it is a great looking box that is minimalist in deisgn



Upon opening the box you are greeted with some lovely items.


The body is a very good casting with hardly any flash or mold lines. The details are nice and crisp as well.

4 5

This is possibly the only little issue I had with the body and that was a small air bubble but nothing serious.

7 6

The rear fitment of the bumper will need some slight adjusting but again nothing to worry about.


The photo etch set holds some great details. There are more than one option for some of the badges on the car.

9 10

I opted to add a set of ADV wheels for the build. AS you can see again minimal flash and some great details.


The rest of the parts all had minimal flash and were cast great. Final fitment is yet to be done on the rest of the body.

15 16 14 13 12


All in all this is really great kit and for any super car fans it will be a great edition to the collection, however numbers are limited.

The T….Wait KE70? What now??

I had started out this build with the intentions of doing the TE71, quad round lights(early version). Well all I can say is, it doesn’t look good if you follow the instructions. But before I get to the issue at hand. A few pics of some details of the interior.





I got as far as working on the grill, I stripped the chrome off and painted it metallic black. I added BMF for the lights, painted a pair of them yellow for fog lights and glued the lights on as well. I thought I can just ignore the fact that the corner lights area doesn’t look right. If I hadn’t painted it black, the chrome would stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe painting it the body color then it would be ok..nah not in my mind.



So I dug out the other option, the square lights with matching grill. Which the lights themselves needed work done.




Once I got done with the front, I continued on with the rest of the build. With not much left but to glue parts on, I had finally finished the now TE71 late version.













Although I wanted to call it quits with this body and start with a new one, but I am glad I didn’t.
I have several of these Aoshima Corolla kits and I will build them to proper specs from now on.

Thank you for passing by.