The Grocery Getter: Stanced WRX Wagon

Jaime is one of the many builders that I have a lot in common. Besides building what we love, we don’t finish them in order that they were started in and we have plenty of them going on at the same time.

His latest build to come off the work bench is a nicely done Subaru wagon. I have a soft spot for this year of the Impreza WRX’s and I love wagons. So let’s just say, I’m loving it.

Let’s get to know some more about Jaime and his subby wagon.

“Let me introduce myself. My Name is Jaime Romano, I’m a Spanish modeler and I am 20 years old (about to turn 21) and I’m studying Mechanical Engineering.

I’m a Volkswagen (and other Euros in general, mainly VAG models) enthusiast… Well, more than a enthusiast, as I LOVE (and live) for VW, and just have VeeDubs in my mind.

Been building models for about 9 years, but still a newbie in most techniques and still afraid to clearcoat my models. However, after 9 years, I haven’t finish many models (finished a few modded diecasts tho) although I have like a gazillion started projects and ongoing WIPs, mainly Volkswagens and Euro models, plus a few Japs (where I’m “more allowed” to go nuts, as I don’t know what I’m doing). This might sound as an excuse, but the reasons for starting MANY models and not finishing them. One of them is because I’m such a creative person and the other I lose interest on somethings pretty quick. At the same time I buy models for a project that I have in mind for. But, that does not change the over all build time and it does seems to make things easier.

Here is the last model I finished, a Subaru Impreza WRX SportsWagon (GF6) and here is a list of mods of what I have done to it.”

Outside Mods
– Sprayed in Ford’s Vision Blue (8CPC) without the base coat.
– Custom Front Lip, based on different real ones.
– WRX Sideskirts and rear bumper lips.
– US Sidemarkers on front lights, as well as orange indicators.
– Different US 2.5/RS details, as black sidemirrors, and black grilles.
– Mikawa License plates (Aichi Prefecture) with a Work Licenseplate support on the rear.
– Thule Roofbars (waiting some Skis and racks to be fitted)
– NotFromStock and WORK decals…

Chassis Mods
– Staggered lips 17x9j Work Meister S1. Powdercoated in SatinBlack, with golden hardware and anodised blue lug nuts.
– Buckeye Scale Auto Parts low profile tires
– Cambered front and rear, modified original suspension parts to fit.
– Front brakes are Brembo calipers and discs. Rear brakes are kit front ones. Calipers painted in Skyblue.
– Cat-back exhaust made out of the original one and GR.A Impreza. Last part of the exhaust is wrapped with anti-heat wrap.
– Tein Coilovers (based on AutoX-Gymkhana series)

Interior Mods
– 2.5/RS Light gray combo interior with rear seats/doors pattern handpainted.
– Light grey/black dashboard
– Momo black suede Steering wheel
– Recaro SPG Seats with a handpainted “blue cammo” seat pattern.







I’m the co-founder of the modeling page “Not From Stock”, that started as a small project between me and my boy Nacho (now we added another two friends to this project), and that over the year we’ve been on air, has featured many modelers from most places in the globe (including some awesome ones from this page) and that stand up for their quality.

We are proud to say that we’ve met some of the best modelers in our “small” world and we’ve been asked to feature some of the most insane and perfect models seen in the moment online, and as a fellow page, we’ve been supporting 12Twentyfour since it’s beginnings!







“Thanks so much for this opportunity of being in an awesome page as is 12Twentyfour.”

Thank you Jaime for giving us the chance to feature hour build. Look forward to more in the near future.

Thank you for stopping by.


The Rocket Has Landed.

A few months ago I did a feature on Sasha Vlasov’s current builds. He had some very interesting things going on and one of them was an Aoshima GT86 garnishing the Tra-Kyoto Rocket Bunny wide body kit with a Beams 3SGTE for a heart beat.

The Bunny sits on a set of Enkei RS05RR’s slammed as low as possible. With it’s gleaming red paint with black accents, it sits looking sinister. The engine was scratch made, it’s a great representation of the Beams 3SGTE. The rest was kept clean and simple with small added pieces. A look at the pictures will help you to find the details. Enjoy.










It’s always great to see projects come to an end. The hard work it takes to get there is a rewarding one.

Thanks for looking.


Its all about the Rush

This year has defiantly turned out to be a crazy one. Time has just not been on my side however I had to glue myself to the seat to get some post up. Since the movie Rush came out earlier this year Ive been wanting to do a piece on it and fortunately Mr Aaron Mai was ahead of me. He actually built the two feature cars of the movie and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get them featured along with the rush theme.

So sit back and enjoy.


Clash of the Titans


The 1960s & 1970s are infamous in the Formula One circus for being the killing years. Drivers were not simply drivers – they were gladiators. Every time they harnessed themselves into their cars, and fastened their helmets there was a very very real chance they would never come back into the pits alive.

Niki Lauda was an Austrian-born driver who thrived on skill and precision, and James Hunt the Brit was a flamboyant party animal, these two drivers couldn’t have been more different. Their rivalry in 1976 has been famously documented and recently those who have seen ‘Rush’ will be familiar with how the events unfolded. As the season was gearing up Niki Lauda driving a Ferrari 312T had an accident at the Nurburgring circuit and was almost burned to death after his car crashed, rupturing the fuel cell.


Now I hear you thinking, well that’s just plain unlucky. What many don’t know is that the early F1 cars, despite only appearing advanced, were primitive in their design. Drivers often sat on top of fuel tanks, or had them in the sides of the cockpit, and even small accidents would have them burst into flame. Without a doubt the F1 cars of the 60s and 70s are some of the most beautiful ever built and just prior to the film being released I decided to immortalize these two drivers in plastic.


The Ferrari 312T is a Hasegawa and the McLaren M23 is a Tamiya, both being 1:20 scale. The kits have been built box stock, with only tobacco decals, engine wiring, and photoetch belts added. One good thing about these kits, is they are not curbside, there is a full engine, transmission and brakes to install as well as extensive cockpit detail. These machines are a far cry from the F1 of today, no computer aids, big rubber, tall intakes, and in many instances sideways driving was the order of the day.


The kits are very well produced, fitment is very good, and allow a lot of room for additional detailing. I highly recommend them for any F1 fan. My own main reason for choosing these two cars was to display them together, as this signifies a time in racing when drivers didn’t cry, and whinge in the media. Issues were settled on the racetrack, with some death-defying displays of driving.


It’s not widely known but Niki Lauda and James Hunt were, despite being fierce rivals, very good friends who both had a lot of mutual respect for each other. To have entered into Formula One in it’s deadliest years, driven each Grand Prix at 110% and still come out the other side alive is quite an achievement. The cars of Rush come from a time when drivers were gladiators, and racecars were gorgeous. I have a feeling people will be mentioning names such as James Hunt, Niki Lauda, and Jackie Stewart for many decades to come, and for good reason too.



_MG_0655 _MG_0637 _MG_0633 _MG_0619


A big Thank you goes out to Aaron for the great write up and wonderful photos.


All media belong to Aaron Mai